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Content in Analyst.Life will navigate sometimes very specifically into Analytics and sometimes apparently far and unrelated, but in fact, very much in-tune to a broader perspective on the subject. We want to look at things from every possible angle.

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About us

Launched by Alex Gonçalves, together with the publication of the book “Social Media Analytics Strategy,” Analyst.Life aims to unite the community of professional analysts, enthusiasts, and all that work with analytics despite job title. The main objective is that we can shape a better version of our “analyst selves.”

Our core values:

  • Analytics is the pursuit of truth.

  • We want to find the truth because we want to take the best possible decision in face of any situation.

  • We want to improve upon the past and predict the future outcome of our present decisions.

  • We are many, and we are better together.

  • Respect is the basis for any discussion. With respect to other opinions we can consider all possibilities and truly find always the best outcome.

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