From book to website and beyond

With the publication of the book Social Media Analytics Strategy with Apress my curiosity about analytics only grew. I began a journey to better understand the potential around analytics applications in every possible field.

Naturally, being this a very broad objective, I thought that the best way to do it would be to gather all information into one same place. This website, Analyst.Life, is that place.

As an enthusiast, even more than an expert, much of what I learn comes from following experts and thought leaders in the field. To enable this connection between experts I then added a community feature to the website, only to facilitate an initial spark of a relationship between all of us interested in analytics.

Social Media Analytics Strategy is the book that started it all because it is a result of years of my work in social media analytics. In around 10 years in the field, from when I was in University, to joining professional analytics providers, I have worked with over 9.000 people and spent over 24.000 hours around the topic. The book brings together some of the knowledge I gathered during this time.

Apress is the publisher of the book, and a source for great content in so many different fields of technology.

I highly recommend the book if you are interested in analytics in any way. Using social media as a main focus, the book also approaches key aspects of general analytics, and is a great step further into the analytics world.

Analyst.Life is here to help explore the world of analytics


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