A journey into Social Media Analytics.

The book explores:

  • The foundation of Social Media Analytics: how to understand and deal with any social media network, strategy or campaign.

  • The broader picture: how Social Media analytics integrates with, and affects other areas of the business.

Social Media Analytics Strategy will take us on a journey of discovery where, by the end of it, we will be ready to tackle any project or process using Social Media analytics. Naturally, as in all interesting topics around technology and business strategy, we will be able to continue our studies later as we grow further into it. The journey of this book, in relation to that, will drop us off at the point where we are ready to jump into advanced studies around analytics. We will be prepared to understand the current state of analytics in the world and to have a strategic view into what works and why.

To give us such real-world context and insight, the book brings exclusive interviews with six global experts in fields that cover Social Media Analytics specifically, but also Business Intelligence, Data Integration, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Project Management, and even the “human side” of things. As we will see throughout the book, the “human side” of the analytics process will be key to its ultimate success.

The ultimate objective of this book is, therefore, that we can shape the best version of our “analyst selves.” Meaning that we can truly become thinkers in the field, and reach a point where we can effortlessly approach any project with a sharp analytical mind.

From Data to Insights

Cover details of data sources, data availability, and what can be the best KPI for your strategy.

Metrics and Calculations

Shape metrics to help you reach your objectives in Analytics.

The BIG picture

Understand the big picture around Analytics, and how it relates to different areas within the business.

Read in any format – grab your digital copy now, or go for a coffee at your local bookstore to get one.

With a non-technical vocabulary, Social Media Analytics Strategy takes an inclusive approach into sharing all the necessary knowledge for us to get ahead in Analytics. From there, we will then be ready to tackle advanced topics and be on top of our game when dealing with our Analytics projects and strategy.


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